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Welcome to this dark dieselpunk adventure through an asian themed hellscape of eternal rainstorms! Delve into the secrets of your own ancestry as you wage war against the evil forces of this world in a desperate bid to end the Reign of the Storm Shogun!

Daichi Setting Primer A brief overview of the world your characters inhabit. More information can be provided at request, the goal of this page is to serve as a primer to give the broad strokes of the world.

EDITOR'S NOTE: On Technology: Diesel powered technology is extremely common and fully accepted in modern Daichi, it is almost unheard of for a farmer to not use at least a tractor or a truck, for a Samurai to not carry a machine gun or other advanced firearm and to not ride a Dieselcycle into battle.  Noble houses field mechas called Armour and ( simple minded ) robots perform menial labor across daichi.  The Technology is almost never beautiful or elegant but it is extremely common.

Dramatis Personae, some important people in Daichi To serve as a catalyst for injecting your characters into the world, here are some people you may know or at least have heard of.

Fates are a sort of super-background that anchor your character in the world of Daichi by giving them a personal quest and goal.  They instantly elevate your character's importance in the story to being absolutely vital with major spotlight moments happening ever adventure that advance your personal goals and those of the campaign at the same time.

Link to Fates:

Races of Daichi Daichi is home to numerous unique and exotic races. Check here to find out what is available for play in this campaign of far eastern horror.

New Subclasses Geishas,Thaumic Engineers and more!

Feats New Feats to make better use of the technology and weapons of Daichi.

Firearm Fighting Styles Archery does not work with firearms, instead here are a number of powerful Fighting Styles appropriate to various firearms.

New and Modified Backgrounds Further integrate your character into Daichi with such backgrounds as Shinobi, Samurai, Vajra, and Invader.

New Spells Use the unique magic of Daichi

Firearms Guns have all but supplanted the Sword on Daichi, find which you will use here.

Vehicles Vehicles are a common sight in Diachi from powerful mecha Armours to the humble Dieselcycle. These are all the relevant rules for Vehicles.

Cybernetics  Empower yourself by replacing weak flesh with Invader steel

New Classes

New Class – The Onmyoji Summoner- A Martial Class that has bound herself to a powerful Shikigami spirit. The Spirit draws power from the emotions that are fed into it by the summoner. Choose the form of your spirit, weather a possessed Construct, powerful fey beast, sylvan elemental, or one of many other options. Learn to fight as one with your Shikigami and you will be a powerful force on the battlefield. ( A reflavor of the Spirit Binder ):

Kibblestasty Classes are allowed, The Extras and Subclasses of his are not however.


Art Dump and Writing Prompts This is something of a special little corner for the DM. I post any art I find that inspires me for the setting as well as occasional little writing prompts that pop into my head that I may or may not expand upon later. It helps my creativity and may do the same for you. Feel free to use any art you see for PCs if your having trouble finding art that fits the gameworld.

Main Page

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